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Where to are you flying today?

Betsy Jenifer

You small, fiddle-footed sparrows,
where to are you flying today?
Is it to the aloof sprigs jutting outward
from lofty weather-worn trees? Or is it
to the unbound sky, azure and streaked with clouds, just
to whorl casually, soar high or fly about?
With your flitting eyes and
skittish legs, where to are you flying?
You tiny, feathery friends of nature,
you lead the life of stunning adventure.
Your enviable down feathers,
your brown, volant wings that flap and dip
in lucid, liquid air make me wonder . . .
where to are you flying?

Your tiny heads seem to stir to mercurial winds.
Your spindly, flittering feet hop and teeter,
searching for what? New ways to fly away?
New fashions to dive and play?

Oh, you bitty high-strung birds, how
can I tell you that I won't harm you?
Hop a little closer, whisper to me a songful tune;
your nervous chitters and shrill trills leave me
pondering where to, in this wide-awake world,
you are flying today.

You flighty sparrows,
among your beloved company . . .
You make life seem so easy, but only
you know that it is never easy.
So tell me, so I'll know for sure
as I rest my head against my pillow this night,
where to are you flying today?

Sometimes, I spy you laughing with friends
Your birdsong so sweet I wonder of its end.
You are ingenious, sparrows, but it is
because you are ingenuous that
you are pure. So, tell me now,
and be certain. Where to are you flying today?

But listen, if you ask me I'll say
Fly away! Fly far away!
Beyond the sun and the highest mountains.
Reach glorious Heaven!
Get your precious selves away from us humans!

Betsy Jenifer is from south India. She is tall, lanky, obsessive, and looks a lot like a boy. She has Asperger's syndrome and is homeschooled. She has been published in numerous magazines, such as Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Slag Review, Glass Kite Anthology, Polyphony H.S. and Quail Bell Magazine, among many others. 

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