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When my wandering mind met you

rebecca tseng

do you think of me?
do you think of me as much as I think of you—
in between texts and glances and brushes

wandering, wondering, constantly pondering
thoughts hurriedly scrambling
through my scattered, senseless brain

but amongst the mess that can’t remember a thing,
my mind always weaves its way to one thought
you push aside my post-it note reminders and
unravel my scrupulously string-tied fingers
until I am utterly, ultimately pivoted towards you

when my thoughts finally do wind themselves down, 
you inconspicuously sidle in daydreams
and I am blissfully floating in my sea of thoughts
before I realize that they are all about you

do you think of me?

do you think of me
like I think of you

Rebecca Tseng is a junior at Taipei American School in Taiwan. Her work has received national recognition by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Rebecca loves all sorts of writing, from to-do lists to biology lab write-ups. She will be the editor-in-chief of both her school's newspaper and literacy magazine next year. When not writing, she is probably sitting on her roof, eating doughnuts and reading a cheesy YA novel.

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