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What It Looks Like

Olivia Belliveau

music falling like rain and
all of us dreaming like falling,
you in the backseat and
me in the sky
this is what
looks like

and by extension

and you are somebody’s
white picket fence,
somebody’s favorite shirt,
somebody’s grandmother’s watch,
somebody’s welfare check,
somebody’s dying breath
and the hand to hold it in,
this is what
looks like

and wearing our truth when
hands and voices and
walls and floors and
futures and pasts and
sometimes and nowheres
all are shaking
this is what
looks like

and it is dangerous to believe that
all you’ve held in your hands
have left answers
for the wheres—
                  have we come from
                  to go next
                  has the time gone
and the whos—
                  the last
                  and the next
                  and you
exploring anyway—no
compass, no maps, just
you and your North Star
this is what
looks like

and I’m all unfinished ends and
loose business,
blushing at talent, not
your eyes, your arms,
when I said I wanted
to have it all, I lied—
it was just you
this is what
looks like

and with only words I’ve been
straying and praying and
braiding the small things
together and trying to
find some glowing heart
in every day
this is what
looks like
on me

and somewhere there is
a porch light on and
I could swear it’s yours,
I can’t get close enough
to tell, or to tell you that
you could be my
white picket fence
this is what
looks like

and I feel months
worrying into my joints,
clocks in my muscles and
calendar-weary numbers
tossed like dice in my mind and
I am still a child
this is what
looks like

and you will love the person
who bends
when you don’t ask them to,
who fits their existence into
post office boxes or
doggie doors or
wall sockets—spaces
you carved without words,
because they know
you need them to
this is what
looks like
and you will mistake it
for compromise

and some people don’t know
how their next meal got
from God’s will to
their plate but
their tears will tell
the old kitchen table wood
a thousand thank-yous
and you will forget
your mother’s birthday
this is what
looks like

and maybe someone else
can be all Capital Letters
and silver and gold and
birdcages and tattoos
and we can be
so quiet
and we can
speak with our eyes
and make knots with
our fingers to hold
everything together
this is what
looks like

and one day
there will be someone
who asks for
no explanations,
who has seen
a world in different colors
than mine
and paints it just the same
that is what

looks like
that is what        
will look like

and I hope I won’t have
to look
to know it’s there.

Olivia Belliveau is seventeen years old and attends Bunnell High School in Stratford, Connecticut. Her work has been published in Penworks literary journal through the Trumbull Arts Festival. She has also received recognition from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Olivia learned so much from her time spent at the New York State Summer Young Writers' Institute and the Champlain College Young Writers' Conference.

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