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We Could Have

Alixa Brobbey

         We could have
         had Aphrodite’s blessing
If her eyes were a shade less ebony
        Her skin coated in less shea butter
                   Her hands not warm as oven-toasted rolls

          We could have
          had everything, if not for
The way she smiles and you can’t tell her, “no”
           The way she speaks and you can’t tell her, “no”
                    The whole world bending to fulfil her every

           We could have
           been a love story, us two
If not for everything that makes her, “her”
            The glowing light that slowly pulled you in
                            The glowing light that I hide under a bush

            The way she
            claimed it was written in stars
The way she grabs your wrist and won’t let go
              The way she slowly caught you in her web
                             The way she moves, while I stand there, helpless

Alixa Brobbey is currently a student at Ghana International School and has loved telling stories since she was little. She hopes to be a world-renowned author someday, but for now is content to obsess over Harry Potter, run in her free time, and publish posts on her blog:

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