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Voortrekker, 1830

Alexander Brak


Who was this captivating creature,
Facing Pieter with defiant eyes?
Almond skin and charcoal hair left him
With unalterable sentiments
He could not hope to externalize.
With eyes of his own locked upon hers,
And a mulish set to his shoulders

He began to fashion a circlet
Out of exquisite forget-me-nots.
He smiled to see her smile, flushing as
She accepted the crown and wore it.
“I promise we will be king and queen
Of all you see around you and more.”
Then, working up what courage he had,
“Pieter, I am,” he timidly spoke.
“//Xaigas,” she said; and his heart awoke.


Laughing, Pieter watched his beaming wife.
Her ash and coal hair bushed into a
Disliking the length that he loved so,
She’d persuade him to shave it for her.
Her skin was becoming lined and creased,
Which only her beauty did increase.

//Xaigas strode regally alongside
as Pieter rode: so they always did.
Leading their expansive caravan,
Backs erect with familial pride.
Thousands upon thousands following,
They fixed their eyes on the north, as one.
“My love, it is going as we planned!
The rough road guides us to your promise.
One day our people will have all this.”


Her hair was a full summer cloud, white
As the pillow on which it rested.
Pieter lay, matched with an aged wife,
Gazing into her unending eyes:
Her wrinkled hands in his now nested.
“//Xaigas, this will be a land of milk,
and sun, for generations to come.” 

Alexander Brak is currently in his final year of high school at Christ Church College and Preparatory School in South Africa, and is seventeen years old. As of yet, he is only beginning his journey into seriously pursuing a career in writing, and has no previous awards. He hopes to revolutionize the world of poetry, and push it forward into new directions.

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