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They Asked Me Why I Run

Olivia Lamberti

A wild, open field on the cusp of evening when the sky is dusty and dark…and I am running through it, chasing something like eternity. Maybe someone is near me, but mostly I am with the universe because I am running, running, running and the motion makes me nothing and everything all at once. No one needs to tell me who I am because the breeze has already given me its secrets and did you know the stars could shine like that, as if they knew your soul by name? My feet, though, my feet, they glide so gently across worlds yet the soil still sinks slightly with the weight of what could be freedom. It is very simple. All of it. But it is also a moment of perpetual living, and the evening air is crisp with newfound energy, and we share it, and we run. 

olivia lamberti is thirteen years old and will be attending stevenson high school in the fall. she was the editor of the literature section of her middle school newspaper and hopes to continue writing throughout her high school career.

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