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The Ocean

Carrie Zhang

It is hard to stop loving the ocean.

I have seen a sea of peoples,
Staring at themselves in little puddles of
Thwarted desire;

It is hard to stop loving the ocean,

Because when it isn’t easy it is hard.
Because it is made of sounds
That comprise what I know but might not
Have known; 

Because it is what visited me
Before real hands could, reaching
into dreams,
into the soundscape of my heart,

teaching that truth:
It is hard to stop loving the ocean.

It is the very slivered
Reflection of a feared and hated visage,
It is the very color
Of knowing, of understanding.

It is hard to stop loving the ocean.

It is hard to face a world that will not
Curve around you as
Temperate water does 

For a heart that likes to float
On a sea of salt;
It is hard to stop loving the ocean
When it seems to be Eternity, 
Destiny, impossible, ugly, sick, horrid
Green under an artificial moon,
Lit by moments that could have gone
Horrifically wrong; 
They’re the ones you’ll remember the most.

Because on the ocean, 
The speed of your sail is predetermined
And things cannot go better or worse.

You can only go
The way the ocean takes you,
The way the ocean loves you back. 

Carrie Zhang is fourteen years old and a ninth grade student at Watchung Hills Regional High School. She has received a silver medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has been published in The Noisy Island and Assonance. She enjoys painting, playing violin, and discovering old music. She also likes to make cards, and will make you one for your birthday.

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