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the moon

Adrianna Burton

do not fall in love with the moon: 
she will caress you, comfort you, and abandon you
as her light waxes and wanes

her eyes will seem to sparkle;
the stars around her burn brightly,
causing her to look around with wonder
and when her eyes settle upon you-
oh, that feeling!

you are the center of her universe
“the sun to my moon
the light to my dark
and the happy to my sad”
these are naught but sweet lies in your ears

one night she will be the thinnest crescent,
barely present and about to leave
you beg for her to stay, to continue shining
she flees.

you freeze with no warmth during the lonely nights-
she was your moon, but you were never her sun

Adrianna Burton is a fifteen year old high school student at Moreau Catholic in Hayward. She is a dedicated writer, with a positive attitude about her future in the arts. Can be found on tumblr

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