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The Kid with the piano

Eddy Elguezabal

In love and death

He hides behind sheets of music,
turning his tears into ink.

His eyes bloodshot
and knuckles bruised.

The streets lined with bodies,
it no longer scares him.

He risked his life for a piano,
while his brother risked it for freedom.

He only has loved music,
it distracts him from the sorrow.

Most boys these days are gone,
leaving behind only shadows.

He still remember how that girl looked at him,
but his eyes still sting from tear gas.

To this day, his first instinct is to look away.
His country is bleeding and he is trying not to drown.

Tonight, he plays a sad song, trying to make
peace be heard over the violence.


Eddy Elguezabal is a student enrolled in the Creative Writing program in Miami Arts Charter School. He is in the tenth grade and enjoys writing short fiction stories based on mythology and the medieval times.

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