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The Good, the Bad, and the Others

Eileen Huang

Mike is large. Larger than
the campus that he teaches in. Big
wave of acres traveling
with a miniscule blue
briefcase strapped to his
back, his head a snowing scalp, parade
of neon magazine covers
where nude large-breasted women
twist on the electric pages,
hands reaching down and
grabbing the folds
of his
layered chin
all between sips of orange tea and
Diet Pepsi spiked with
Tsingtao beer, loud fur
hat with the lone red star
of the Communist Party
on the front—traded with a vendor for
five yuan and a pack of tissues. So Obama’s
now a dirty communist:
he says, Dirty Muslim Communist,
you understand that,
you communist chinks? and I imagine dirty communist
Obama dancing on the covers of his tabloid
hair. Ironic how they have Mike teach
us in
a sad attempt to bridge the world between
East and West. Because Mike is to West
as pollution and overpopulated waterparks
and babies peeing in water fountains
is to East but I
say nothing
as he wipes cigarette ashes off of the corners of
his oily lips
and stares us down as Clint Eastwood plays
from a blue screen,
low chuckles
and the same lone star
on his
yellow Stetson.

Eileen Huang is a sophomore at High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey, as well as a 2015 National Student Poet—the nation's highest honor for youth poets presenting original work. She is the recipient of a Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has been featured in The Best Teen Writing of 2015. In her free time, she enjoys sketching and eating an excessive number of free food samples from Costco.

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