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The Absolute

Kiran Damodaran 

The red-white canyon remains untouched
by rainfall. The man walks north into the intensifying darkness,
the weight of his body deserting his mind without regret.
He surrenders.
As he departs from the cliff, he recognizes the blur:
the heights, taller than he'd ever imagined,
the short fall, a seemingly unending end.
The body descends into the delay of darkness.

Leave the soon-to-be mere indent-in-the-ground–
the smart investor,
who purchased a front-row ticket to his own funeral–
the realist, who held himself captive in his mind,
clinging to precipices for fear of a tidal wave,
forgetting he was the warden of his own prison.

Undefined by his face or his memories,
enraptured by numbness,
he resists his dissipating instincts
to scream, to fight back, to devolve,
and accepts the secure nothingness that seeks
to extinguish the unreachable candle inside.
He hits the dusty bottom.
For when darkness followed
he reserved no absolute
but this.

A sixteen-year-old high school student at Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey, Kiran Damodaran enjoys singing, playing guitar, and of course, reading and writing poetry. His work has been published in the Writers- Slate, sponsored by The Writing Conference, and by Live Poets Society of NJ. He received 2nd place in the narration category of The Writing Conference-s annual contest and a spot as a Topical Winner in American High School Poets -Of Love and Dedication,- sponsored by Live Poets Society.

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