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Akshata Rudrapatna

sinking in a hole, where despair
lurks like Beowulf’s old foe,
hope never exists.
your mind, a cavernous ruin
denies you comfort,
a cheap substitute for the
empty husk of your life.
nothing but the remains of
a ruined cityscape surrounds you,
a vacant oasis in the minefield
of your dreams,

long past.

you journey through the smoking
skeletons of concrete skyscrapers,
rumored to be strong as elephants,
and you weep tears of blood,
carving a trail of destruction
down your ravaged face.
O, what has happened? you cry
but it disappears into the
howling gale that sweeps through
the edges of your deep
black sorrow,
tinged with the Lethe mist
of memories long past.

what an utter shame.

everything materialized into
dust and ashes,
neither the Moirai nor the gods
could have cared less—leaving
the deepest pits of Tartarus wide open
just for you.

why? who knows?
you certainly don’t.

AKSHATA RUDRAPATNA is a seventeen-year-old senior at Hamilton High School in Arizona. She has won accolades in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Anthem Essay Contest, and the National Peace Essay Contest. When not writing, she can be found doing an endless pile of homework while drinking strong coffee.

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