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I knew she was trouble from the moment she walked in; my heart sank into the vicinity of perpetuum as I took in her shapeliness and the air of divinity with which she seemed to always go about, enticing me to no end. And yet, despite all the loveliness emanating from deep within her soul and blinding the world with inexplicable awe, I dismissed her as all but sinister. Such a fitting word, that is; it comes to mind as instantaneously as one’s primitive instinct to evade a speeding eighteen-wheeler amidst a bustling boulevard. That is all that was evidenced of her by the end of our... whatever it is that we were. I found myself in a head-on collision with the ineludible havoc she wreaked upon the faultless and star-crossed such as myself. But she was worth the impact, as hyperbolic as it may appear. My undying and blind devotion to her has yet to be disclaimed as my weakest link, an imperishable pledge of allegiance etched into every fibre of my being. 
                 Of course, I came to know of her destructive ways a little too late for my sake- or endurance, rather. Or maybe there was, indeed, ample opportunity to rescue myself from the silent threats she posed; maybe I subliminally possessed no desire to shy away from them, however precarious her intentions may have been; maybe I found guilty pleasure in the camouflaged poison she injected into my veins, a surge of euphoria that put forth the unparalleled thrill of reckless abandon, a cleverly disguised impostor that shackled me to my own demise. I am ashamed, yet I stand defiant in the face of all who dare question my adherence to her. I am shattered, yet it is none other than her to painstakingly cluster my shards and piece me back together. In only the most abominable of cases can one’s downfall be his ascension, and such was my misfortune.
                  And when she was gone, she left absolutely nothing behind in the wake of her memory, none too assured of her intent. I require no keepsakes or memorials in this regard, however; the interminable suffering that has since consumed me is reminiscence enough.

Aliha Ahmed is currently a 15 year old sophomore attending ISG Jubail in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. She has a passion for writing and experimenting with a wide variety of genres, her commitment to the field allowing her great recognition as an esteemed writer in her high school. Having received a few in-school awards already, she would love to go the extra length and have some of her writing published as well; doing so would be no less than a weighty milestone in her "career" as a writer. Outside of her writing pertinent activities, Ahmed enjoys running, badminton, reading, and travelling as hobbies.

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