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Reduction to the Past

Sophie Moon
(Featured Editor)

When I approach you
I see your face is older
and I hear you’ve learned the words
precipitous and impecunious
because you are hasty and broke
and finally took the SAT. 

But just because you’ve gotten older
doesn’t mean you have matured
no matter how many times you not-yell it
in my face. 
And please move on from bubblegum toothpaste
it reminds me too much of treehouses. 

Your hands are still cold and sweaty
like you licked your palms before class
so teacher would send you home before the test. 
It feels gross on my knee my thigh my hip
just like it always has. 

And yes I can feel your fingers in my mouth
I just don’t want them there
just like I don’t want your lips your tongue your . . .
And even though you learned your fancy words
you’re having trouble understanding “no”
and I’m having trouble saying it. 

SOPHIE MOON is a sixteen-year-old junior at Penfield High School and a major coffee snob. She was first introduced to Canvas and Writers and Books over the summer of 2014 through a fiction writing class with Nina Alvarez. She loves to write poetry and short stories, but would like to branch out into nonfiction and plays. When she’s not writing or sitting in school, she can be found studiously playing her violin, sprawled out over a chair with a book (or two or three), or holed up in her room with several blankets soaking up the melodies of Bach or Tchaikovsky while passing the time on the internet, waiting for the next Sherlock episode.

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