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Website Content Changes

If you came to our website to view work from this seasons Spring 2016 issue, chances are that you noticed some changes. You may have been wondering, "Where is all the work? I only see ten pieces?!" And, no, you're not missing anything; there really are only ten pieces from the Spring 2016 issue published on our website this season, and we have a good reason.

As you may know, Canvas Literary Journal is an entirely teen run journal based out of the nonprofit Writers & Books in the city of Rochester, NY. We are not subsidized by Writers & Books, our main sources of income come from our journal sales and the occasional generously given grant. We were fortunate enough this past winter to receive a very generous grant from The Palma Foundation that has allowed us improve our submissions service by using Submittable and will help us to pay for our website, print journal orders for Writers & Books, tabling fees for any events, and other expenses that we may incur as we move to expand Canvas' reach.

At Canvas we strive constantly to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible, and we want to be sure that we can continue to uphold the high quality of services and standards we may build up while we have our grant even after the money is gone. Due to the fact that our only other source of income is our journal sales, we will rely heavily on good sales to keep us going after the grant money has been used. These past few seasons we have noticed a decline in journal sales that we believe to be linked to the fact that we offer all pieces for free online. After many seasons discussing the possibility of limiting that amount of work published on our website, we have decided to implement that practice in order to ensure that we will be able to make a profit and maintain ourselves in the future.

Our biggest goal here at Canvas is to be here for you, our contributors, to give you a place to share your incredible words and visions with the world and get inspired by teens who are doing the same. We want to be here for you tomorrow and everyday for years to come, and in order to do that we must ensure that we can be financially self-sufficient if need be. However, it is also very important to us that we remain accessible to all of our contributors, regardless of their financial situation, so every month we send out a discount code to our contributors via email that allows them to purchase the issue for 50% off—about $4.00 instead of $7.95—when they buy it from CreateSpace.

Our contributors and readers are what keep us alive, and we are so grateful for your continued support through all of the changes and transitions we have experienced recently. As teens ourselves, we feel very connected to the Canvas community and we want to be sure that we do everything with you in mind. If you have any questions or comments about this change, if you want to know how pieces are selected for we publishing/how many pieces will be published each season online, or if you really can't afford to purchase an issue that you are published in, please contact us at 

Thank you!

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