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None Too Much

Amelia Lanier

A basin of blood sits on the edge of a
slab of marble, ready to drip down
fall up on the smooth whiteness, positive
idealism of what is to come, inexorable
readiness to draw the shroud over one’s
eyes to turn away from fate, because acceptance
un-supposed, unrelenting in notion for simple
passage, across the heart across the planes of
mindlessness, for our mirrors
show endlessness, I can, I will, be amongst
warriors, warriors who fled through the
stars and babbled speech in stone, said they were
what they dye in the wind to whisper to what the
moon said when she rose over the vast
emptiness, her lines illuminates past interpretation of
rays, of lies of sighs. Bring the basin
so I can wet hands that were wrought with oil
amongst dusty shelves, bells toll inside a
blank canvas that reaches out and pulls observers
into a blizzard, a hailstorm of skin, of “listen!” of
sighs, of light and blackness, it replies in dulcet
tones of one too many, of none too
much but luck, paddled under water
oars made of tide in light watercolors that fill
protestation for what is, finding a smattering
amongst porous stones dyed red with the
heart’s blood.

Amelia Lanier is a senior at Interlochen Arts Academy. She is a Creative Writing major and 2015-2016 is her first year at Interlochen. She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the North Carolina and Tennessee border. She has won a Gold Medal, five Silver Keys, and two honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Her favorite genre of writing is realistic fiction and her stories focus heavily on the natural elements. She enjoys walks with her dog on breaks as well as books by Charles Frazier. You will usually find her doing strange things like eating tree bark or climbing up the sides of mountains, as well as generally avoiding the human race.

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