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Noble Gasses are Sexless

Yuri Han

2. helium
likes to take the guitar out from
under the mattress, plucking strings
like birds’ feet itching sand, and
dances first, a peachy peacock.

10. neon
sells mood rings the shape of peace
signs and dolphins behind a blue counter
and wears tie-dyed bandanas; gives
advice like a young mentor.

18. argon
hates noise and, instead, reads books
of numbers and light—making tough
hides when, really, catches stars
in hairnets wide-eyed.

36. krypton
kisses like a god.

54. xenon
wears blue overalls and lumberjack
shoes a size too big and finds solace in
monochrome photos, a dream-catcher
made of wood and soft leather.

86. radon
is always there, but never recognized
beyond a gray sweater with a hole
forming at the armpit; records dreams
at 4:30 a.m. in glitter gel pens.

Yuri Han is a scientific artist (or an artistic scientist) and goes to Tenafly High School. In her free time, Yuri enjoys writing poetry and creating art. She especially likes to spend her time with her awesome family and twin sister. Yuri has been recognized for her poetry and art by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and her school's literary magazine Omega.

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