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New Year's revelation

rona wang

In Beijing, the sky swells
with smog, not electricity,
and soon cloud stains may break wide open, 
a stuttering spill, or
so my mother says in unfurled Mandarin
as she strings luck in scarlet over our doors.

Years ago, she traded
grease smoke and metropolitan lights
for America, mei guo
beautiful country in its lush possibilities. 
Seamless hope, she says,
English cluttered and shivered in her
hollowed throat.
Pale winters of food stamps, 
courage unspooled into raw desperation.  

Unlike her,
I do not know how
to handle fissured dreams
without shattering them. 
Silence drenched with
something I can’t understand as
she inhales the new year,
flowing gold silk and sweeping melodies.  

As we knead dumpling flour,
knuckles pale and soft with powder,
I ask my mother, do you miss home?
She smiles slow,
twenty-eight again, 
a girl realizing that home is
not the past but
a horizon we all chase.  

Rona Wang is a sixteen year old from Portland, Oregon, who is absolutely thrilled to be mentoring prose this summer. She has studied fiction at the Iowa Young Writers' Studio and Stanford University. In addition, she has been recognized nationally by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She has been published in “The Best Teen Writing of 2014”, Canvas Literary Journal, Brouhaha Magazine, as well as Glass Kite Anthology itself. Currently, she is a poetry reader at The Blueshift Journal, which received four stars from The Review Review.

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