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Natural Satellite 

Bailey Share-aizic

The Moon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Table of contents:

1. Name and etymology
The name of our moon is Luna, which means moon, and that’s circular logic. And here’s another lapse of logic: your name comes from two names which mean “desire” and “protection,” and I can certainly vouch for the desire bit, but I needed to protect myself better from you, because my name means “enforcer of the law,” and I broke the unspoken, unwritten law not to fall in love with someone I’ll never know again, and we were children playing at being grown.

2. Formation
In the early days of the universe, something big hit the Earth and all this debris started orbiting aimlessly, and eventually the big mess of dust became its own thing. And that means that there had to have been a moment—one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment—where nothing became something. And I remember sitting on your bed with my head pressed against your wall, our two faces so close, thinking that I should lean in, but I was afraid to cross that line then. Were we the moon already when you invited me upstairs, or were we still debris when I left for home?

3. Physical Characteristics
The moon is beautiful in its literal unearthliness. That is to say, it’s both beautiful because it’s beautiful, and it’s beautiful because it’s like nothing else that anyone has ever seen.

4. Relationship to Earth
What, exactly is the relationship between the moon and the Earth? There’s not a word for it besides “moon,” and there wasn’t a word for what we were either, and sometimes I refer to you as my ex-boyfriend just because it’s easier, but I know it’s not right because we were never together, but friend is a big fat lie because I don’t know about you, but I was in it for the benefits and not so much the friendship, but I was also in love with you, so I’ll just go with ex-boyfriend. Ex-something.

5. Exploration
You were the second person I ever kissed. You were the first person I ever kissed who had ever kissed another person.

6. Astronomy from the Moon
The moon is an excellent place to put cameras because it is so predictable. The only pictures I have of you are from Facebook. My gravity falters when I see a new one. I want to keep thumbnails of you in my wallet. Why don’t you like your smile?

7. Legal status
Technically, all of it was legal. I think that’s why you were so precious with me.

8. In culture
The name of the moon, Luna, gives its root to words like “lunatic” and—my favorite—“lunacy,” which is defined as insanity or irrationality, and, boy, is that true.

BAILEY SHARE-AIZIC is sixteen and lives in Los Angeles, California. Stemming from a desire to live happily and authentically, she takes classes online to have more flexibility and time for her creative pursuits. Her work has been published in Under the Same Sky Magazine, and in Highlights when she was five.

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