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Raqiah Mosed

She wore daylight on her sleeves, 
The nights no longer offered good night lullabies,
As she rests her body on the white sheets her mom had fixed, what more can she do to feel her heart beating?
The loneliness played back the memories of a little girl running around the play grounds,
Her tongue was trapped between her teeth as if a soul was never too alive and not a single story could be remembered,
The way she would look at people and wonder why such sadness existed, 
Unaware no one was safe from it.
The nights where she would wake up to a rope wrapped around her lungs instead of her sore neck kept her chest tightened.
As the sun disappeared she wondered if she would see it again.

She Feared dying from tiredness,
The kind where she didn't have to do much but sip on a cup of fragility.
The nights grew older and the moon stopped visiting, 
Whenever she slept safely,

her mind would wake up to undress her from the sheets that held eternal sleep.

RAQIAH MOSED is seventeen years young and attends the Universal Academy in Detroit.

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