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Infinite Abstraction

Sophie Moon
(Featured Editor)

I step closer to the event horizon and scream soundlessly into the void
there is everything in my unsound
because I am scared because I am excited because it is the only sound in my head as I slip closer to oblivion
and my life is taken apart and smashed with
brutal fingers fragile yet meaningless
a china teapot from a marriage that did not last. 

Another step closer and I turn around
to wave to the earth spinning madly
my stomach turns when I remember manicured lawns and inflated lips and rings on coffee tables and wonder why anyone would care about their hair. 

I ponder infinities. 

But a faint tinkling catches my ear and I hear her laugh and the stars shine brighter
my first love as I’m spun round and round and I fall to my knees thinking how I never knew my heart could feel this
my tears when I loved and lost
small hands feet mouth
big eyes heart soul. 

Too late
I don’t want the call of the void. 

I want the hands that I love most
I need to be talked down and held
but as I reach back towards the world
I slip into the crushing infinity
and I fall
I fall
I fall

then there is a voice

then there is a face

then there are the hands that I love most

and blinding, blinding light.

SOPHIE MOON is a sixteen-year-old junior at Penfield High School and a major coffee snob. She was first introduced to Canvas and Writers and Books over the summer of 2014 through a fiction writing class with Nina Alvarez. She loves to write poetry and short stories, but would like to branch out into nonfiction and plays. When she’s not writing or sitting in school, she can be found studiously playing her violin, sprawled out over a chair with a book (or two or three), or holed up in her room with several blankets soaking up the melodies of Bach or Tchaikovsky while passing the time on the internet, waiting for the next Sherlock episode.

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