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How Night Met Day

Mary Bence

 Let me tell you a story.

A story of the universe, full of its twinkling gem-like stars and large, solid plants, and how it all came to be.

There once was a man. He was all alone, and he called himself Night. Night did not know where he came from, he did not know where he was supposed to go, and he did not know what to do with himself.

What he did know is that he was covered in these white gems. These beautiful, white gems that glimmered with life every time he moved. He loved the way they almost connected to each other to form drawings. He would tell himself stories based off of these drawings, stories of the brave hunter, Orion, and the sad tale of the goddess Selene, but those are stories for another time. Night named these drawings off which he based his stories. He gave them the name of astra, or, as you might know them, constellations.

Night enjoyed his little life, do not doubt that, but he always felt as though he was missing something. Something important, something worthwhile. Something that would help him be worthy of becoming an astra.

And then, that important thing Night was searching for found him.

You see, Night did not have to wander far for Day to find him. He just had to wait, because Day was racing to him as fast as she could.

Day was a vividly beautiful woman. She had long hair that matched the color of grain and light blue eyes that matched a beautiful, cloudless sky. She wore a white dress, made out of a cotton-like material that seemed to dance with happiness every time she moved.

And Night found Day astonishing.

All of the time, Day and Night would talk. They would always be together, in some way or another. Night would hold Day's hand when she feared the dark, and Day showed Night the beauty of the sun's warmth on his cheeks.

Night no longer had to keep his stories to himself, because he could tell them to Day. He told her about Andromeda and how Perseus had saved her from a wicked fate, he told her about Zeus' mighty eagle, and the ram of Ares. And something amazing happened; she listened to him. Night never had anyone to listen to his stories, and as soon as someone did, it made him want to tell them all the more.

Day loved Night, and Night loved Day. They spent all of their time embraced in each other’s arms, whispering words of love and compassion to each other. They did not have much, but they had each other. And that was enough for them.

However, disaster struck as fiercely as a tiger. Day fell ill, and Night panicked, not knowing what to do. He knew nothing of science or medicine; he only knew his stories. So he told her those in an effort to keep her alive. He told her the ones she loved the most. And although it brought a small, feeble smile to her face, it was not enough. It seemed as though every time he came near her, she seemed to shriveled away a little more.

Night knew what was right. He knew that the sacrifice he would have to make might kill him, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Night fled while Day was asleep. He knew that he was making her ill; his darkness was slowly killing her light. So he left, praying that his beloved would recover. As he left, he broke giant rocks out of his frustration. He loved Day, and just the fact that he was hurting her made him beyond furious with himself. He broke the rocks into planets, which still exist today.

When Day rose from her slumber, she found her health had improved immensely, but she fell into despair when she found that her love had left. Day cried, she cried hard onto one of the smallest rocks that Night had crushed and filled it with oceans and rivers and creeks and ponds. Inside of Day's tears were little specks of her life, and these small specks became organisms: animals, plants, even the smallest little bugs. These beings tried to console Day, but it was no use. Night had broken her heart.

Night and Day lived on, but they had to be separated. Day stayed on that small planet that she filled with life, hoping that the little friends she had made would fill the void of loneliness that Night had left by leaving her. Day never found out why Night left, and she would sometimes chase Night from the horizon to try to reunite with her one true love. However, Night would always run away. He could not risk hurting Day again.

And so the cycle continues every day, the innocent and curious Day chasing after the dark and elusive Night. And as our world goes on, so does theirs. Perhaps at some time, Day will reunite with her love and finally get the answers she has been longing for since he left. And maybe, somehow, someday, they will be able to fall into each other’s loving arms once again.

Mary Bence is a fourteen-year-old who has had a passion for writing ever since she was little. She is currently in her freshman year of high school and hopes to pursue writing in her professional life someday.

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