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Cheyenne Zaremba
Featured Editor

come to me in Winter
when your soul is burning,
no, no,
yearning for a rich escape like
the sun might yearn
for the moon to be close
when it doesn’t know it’s in outer
space, like your cheeks
have caved in on the words in
your throat and you just
want to speak again.
then come to me and it will

let me you read a letter
I received in September
from someone named Anon—
it was you
and I know—“For my
words, they are pining, a sensation
so divine it’s unrivaled
by pleasure, to lap at your heart
like the stars do the Earth
every night as they dip
into the valleys of her skin.”
I think not. But you’re burning
quite hot and soon
you may fall away.

when your nail beds turn
blue and your lungs
fill with magma and
it crawls up your throat
in a frivolous attempt to burst
out of your body,
let your hair down again
like you did in the Summer,
let it drag in the mud
as you ravage the town.
and if your gills re-appear
descend to the depths
where the water is cold
and there are no words
to be lost.

I remember the letter
you sent me in September
before you went
for a swim,
left your lungs on the shore.
They tell me
you drowned,
I think you choked
on the sound
of the ink
that bled
from your tongue.

Cheyenne Zaremba is a seventeen-year-old twelfth grade home-schooler from Hamlin. She would live off chai tea lattes if only it were possible. She is an artist, as well as a writer: writing poetry, prose, and fiction in varying lengths. She holds many titles within Canvas, and has a little of everything on her plate. Outside of Canvas, Cheyenne is an active member in Girl Scouts and volunteering throughout her community. Additionally, she is a part-time student at Genesee Community College. When she isn't reading, writing, or drawing, she can usually be found on swing set testing the laws of gravity. If you wish to read Cheyenne's writing, you can visit her writing Tumblr,, where she posts her writing and also reblogs the work of writers she admires.

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