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Ham, Cheese, and Pickles on Wheat

Jessica Marzocca

She twists a ring around her finger.
It has not been there long enough to make a dent
In her skin and she is not yet used
to the weight of the diamond
on her hand
and her mind.

 She sits at a table the size of a large pizza
Made of broken glass and iron.
Her chair will leave rust designs
on her jeans
so she made sure to wear an old pair.

 Silence sits between her
and her sister,
who sits opposite of her.
They relish in the bustling sound of the café customers
to fill their heavy silence.

Neither knows what to say.
One is wondering if she should mention
the new sofa she bought last week.
The other wonders if she should mention
that she took over the older one’s room.

 A waiter appears.
He smiles a real smile, not the one he wear
for strangers, and places two plates on the table.
One is the Smith Sisters Special, the other a BLT.
Who knew that a simple BLT
could cause so many problems?

They stare at the plates.
Deliberately, the Smith picks up her favorite sandwich,
ham, cheese, and pickles on wheat.
The Jones looks at her BLT, sighs, and picks it up.
The sisterhood is over and there’s nothing they
can do about it.
At least now they’re in the same room. 

My name is Jessica Marzocca, I am 17, and I am a junior at Bridgewater-Raritan High School.

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