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Angela Yoon

Ask me the origin of my flesh and I
will teach you how to make ginseng tea. 

Scents of ripped pages and burnt forests
and winter maple trees, the crevice between

then and now. You’ll taste my home
as if your scarlet taste buds are the

cartographers of past footprints
and remedies, fading into dyslexic

memories. Let the aroma settle into
your apricot flesh and slice open your

lungs like a piercing blow because you’ve
never tasted bitter. Your knotted tongue

will writhe in its own asphyxia but
you’ll know too well: ask me the origins

of my name and flesh and blood and history
and I’ll teach you where the ginseng roots

really came from.

Angela Yoon is seventeen years old and attends Seoul International School. She has been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and is the winner of the “Writing for Peace International Writing Competition”, among others. She has been published in The DoveTales Journal and The Claremont Review, and will be spending her summer as a Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop participant. People often find her reading, daydreaming, on an attempted writer's high, or drinking milk tea.

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