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Ghost Town

Margot Armbruster

like lace from a loom
dust drifts through my city
the dry pond where ducks
once flitted, the park
overgrown and clawing
through the fence,
the square where soldiers
marched with bright boots,                        
where the coal miners
rioted, their dirty bodies
falling like wheat under
those bright boots,
scarlet rivers spouting from
their noses (i was only
five) (but i remember
everything) (my father),
the house where some
man’s photograph
sits undisturbed
on the dresser
and a woman i have never
met lies stiffening
under the paisley bedclothes
(i remember everything,
she gasps. your father—)
i never had a father.
i am forced to conclude
that she has died, to
close the door gingerly
and trip into the street
again. i do not remember
this town. i do not
remember my name.
i am dust, i am
guided into the air
by a damp wind.
i remember everything. i
remember everything i

Margot Armbruster, a sophomore from Wisconsin, has been recognized by Gigantic Sequins, Eunoia Review, and Teen Ink.

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