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Fox Mask

Sophia Diggs-Galligan

We went hunting tonight, look what the fox dragged in, Maggie, look at this
tawny, unraveling

on the doormat. Bloodying,

becoming a debt
All over the carpet.

We were hunting tonight, though it is not tonight anymore. We dipped into our
pouches and bought five dogs, sylvan, and I was the fox

Mask. It's how you make it hard to breathe, I let the latex intoxicate me until there were but two thin strips of forest left left and right

Fox. It's a bundle of
Joker. I am a bundle of sweatshirt and standard hood
Fox. A gene that makes you hungry and willing to run from hunger. A tail that gets caught in the wind’s teeth and the hound

Keeps coming and keeps on.

Look what the fox dragged in! It's blue-brown now. Curling like a fortune telling fish,
Maggie drops the mask and fox is
Gone now. Her hunting friends gather around, apologize for brutality and thank her for being so fast and tug the tail from the doorknob on their way out. Maggie cries and the fox is trampled by what the fox dragged in, a small
Shameful mass, gone now.

SOPHIA DIGGS-GALLIGAN is a junior in high school in Washington DC. Her poetry has been published in Ember Journal and in The Best Teen Writing of 2015. Besides poetry, she is very interested in neuroscience.

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