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Fineprint in the Sycamores

Madison Carr

Who needs gutters
when you have stars
to lust after?
to rip up
for your organic

 petal mosaics
canary and lavender
her wedding wreath

Sit atop
your greenhouse windows.
Stare perplexed as
they gossip in French.
Soak in syllables
whose syntax is strange.

Allow yourself
an unabashed

Do not fear
to your pruning fingers,
peeling toes.

Do not fear
your cupboard’s
corduroy creatures.

Do not fear
the ceiling’s
elysian whispers. . .
all they wish
is to shepherd you,

tus Mapas de Estrellas.

Kissing my
maroon embouchure
to the warm lid’s
cream lips,
drowning in my dulcet dalliance
with caffeine dependence,
a hemlock anesthetic,
rocking my trembles
to sleep.

Madison Carr is a fourteen-year-old freshman attending Westfield High School in Indiana. Writing is her chosen method of self-expression, seeing as other talents in the fine arts were not bestowed upon her. Carr looks forward to expanding and refining her craft, not only as an expressive art, but as a connective one. Away from the notebook, Carr can be found binge-watching on Netflix, planning on Pinterest, or discussing philosophy and logic with friends.

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