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Cross-Country with an Art History Major

Alexis Gordon

I am picking blackberries
Do you understand what that means? 
The river came cold, gnashing up your fingers
Set me on edge, sickness
in coils around your head, Greek goddess

Laurel Canyon driveways stretch outwards
Impressions of blackberry bushes
Monet, Pissarro—rivers that weren't
moving, bodies of water, silt fondling
Disease of the mind becomes
disease of the body: You hide
different personalities in the thorn scratches, pluck
Them out of your fingertips, when they
are finally ripe

I feel your throat, stretched taut, 
Spring open, pour out
mythologies, the words of the old masters

You sit, bodily
Keep your eyes off the wheel

Alexis Gordon is a senior in Los Angeles, and will be attending Brown University in the fall. She has had work published in Polyphony H.S. (for which she is also a Genre Editor), Lip Magazine, and Cuckoo Quarterly, among others.

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