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Canvas Teen Literary Journal is published quarterly in print, ebook, web, video, and audio formats.

Cover Art

Besides hosting a great deal of original teen writing, Canvas is also proud to display the labors of talented teen artists on their quarterly covers. Selected artists also get their work put out into the digital world for people to see through Canvas' facebook, twitter, tumblr, and of course, website.

If you are a teen artist, Canvas would love to see your art! Head on over to "Submit" to see the submission guidelines for art.

You can view cover art by our past selected artists below.

Summer 2016

Spring 2016

 Anita Maksimal

Anita Maksimal

Winter 2016

  "Mountain"  by Sangyeun Yoon

"Mountain" by Sangyeun Yoon

Autumn 2015

 " Stone Stairs " by Grace Lam

"Stone Stairs" by Grace Lam

Grace Lam is a seventeen-year-old junior at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. She was the Editor-in-Chief for the Miller Middle School Yearbook, and is currently a contributing writer for the online publication EngineerGirl. She first picked up a camera at age ten and never put it down since. Growing up, she was the official photographer for family vacations, and in pursuing her passion, she has been an event photographer for her middle school's yearbook, a family conference, and an after-school science program. She loves not only how photography enables her to see the world through different angles, but how it also connects her to people more closely. When she-s not taking photos, she can be found on the volleyball court, writing poems, or practicing her magic tricks.

Summer 2015

  "  Stained Glass Mermaid"  by Isabella Ronchetti

"Stained Glass Mermaid" by Isabella Ronchetti

Isabella Ronchetti spends most of her free time drawing, writing, taking photographs and reading. Isabella, who is bilingual and bicultural, now lives in Italy and attends 7th grade in a public school there. Her artwork and writing have been awarded and featured in young-adult magazines, such as Stone Soup, Skipping Stones, The Claremont Review, and Creative Kids.

spring 2015

  "First Swim"  by Yang Hyun Cho

"First Swim" by Yang Hyun Cho

Yang Hyun Cho is seventeen years old. Born in Seoul, Korea, she currently attends Groton School. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for the Special Olympics and an artist. She has enjoyed art as a continuing hobby both as a means of reliving the past and expressing the present.

  Autumn 2014

  "Widowed"  by Carissa Chen

"Widowed" by Carissa Chen

carissa chen is currently fifteen years old. originally from southern california, carissa has also lived in pennsylvania, shanghai, and palo alto. as a rising sophomore, she attends high school at phillips exeter academy. she has previously won the literary arts guild poetry competition and was invited to publish her poems in a book alongside ida shum's.

Summer 2014

 " In Between's " by Soo Jung Jang

"In Between's" by Soo Jung Jang

Soo Jung Jang is a typical math and science geek who stumbled upon art as a way to express her inner self. Spending much of her youth organizing the world around her in strict structures, Soo Jung started painting as a way to express the unexpressable. She continues her work as a sophomore at Peddie School in New Jersey.

Autumn 2013

Winter 2014

 " Autumn Afternoon " by Cheyenne Zaremba

"Autumn Afternoon" by Cheyenne Zaremba

 " Skeleton Fingers " by Cheyenne Zaremba

"Skeleton Fingers" by Cheyenne Zaremba

Cheyenne Zaremba is a sixteen-year-old tenth grade home-schooler from Hamlin. She is an artist, as well as a writer: writing poetry, prose, and fiction in varying lengths. She currently works as an editor for Canvas. Outside of Canvas, Cheyenne is an active member in Girl Scouting, Soap Box Derby and volunteering throughout her community. Additionally, she is a part-time student at Genesee Community College. When she isn't reading, writing, or drawing, she can usually be found on swing set testing the laws of gravity. If you wish to view Cheyenne's art, you can visit her Deviant Art website at

Summer 2013

Spring 2014 

 " Laterns " by Taylor Stevens

"Laterns" by Taylor Stevens

 " Scenery " by Taylor Stevens

"Scenery" by Taylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens was Art Director of Canvas during the Spring and Summer 2013 seasons. Taylor was home-schooled and likes to draw.

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