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Checking In

Kelsey malone

your mind,
a bicycle wheel.
thoughts are the spokes,
kissing the ground,
praising the encompassing sky,
connected to the ever turning
rubber tire.
longer spokes
overwhelm the wheel,
pushing it faster.
a protective layer of rubber
collects debris.
rolling over unpredictable roads.
trace a spoke
back to the hub.
slower tempo
provides time
to rub your thumbs,
ever so gentle,
across your forehead
releasing knots and coils,
buried under the skin.
breath in, and out.
remember to discard
the stale air
of today’s anxieties.
relax your tongue,
the hardest working muscle
can be given a break
when you have dialogue
with yourself.
when every spoke
relies on your slow moving core,
it’s essential to check in
from time to time. 

Kelsey Malone is a seventeen-year-old senior at Seattle Academy and is currently taking a Creative Writing classtaught by poet Lauri Conner. This is the first time she has written poetry and she loves it. She likes to use a lot of metaphors to explain concepts and emotions.

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