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Autumn 2015


Leibniz Bar by T. Aliano

Maligner by Ashley Anderson

May by Eden Ariel

Wind by Eden Ariel

the moon by Adrianna Burton

A Denunciation of Adulthood (After "A Hymn to Childhood" by Li-Young Lee) by Kiran Damodaran

Collision Theory by Kiran Damodaran

The Absolute by Kiran Damodaran

Cursed by Kasey Dearing

A Pledge of Allegiance by Rebecca Kalik

A Long Night Thought by Anna Lee

Rainwater Girls and Angel Boys by Anna Lee

Ham, Cheese and Pickles on Wheat by Jessica Marzocca

Metropolis by Elijah O. Midgette

My Heart is Fucked and My Health Sucks by Amanda Ngo

Dances with Wolves by Anastasia Nicholas

Botanical Gardens by Sarah Patafio

Self Medicated by Christina Ramler

star stuff by Natalie Schlosberg

year sixteen, the month of may by Natalie Schlosberg

Silver Days by Ella Schmidt

Negation (or living between the lines) by Rebecca Tseng

When My Wandering Mind Met You by Rebecca Tseng

New Year's Revelation by Rona Wang

Homestay by Mike Yim

Ginseng by Angela Yoon

How to Make Milk Tea by Angela Yoon

Hibernation by Cheyenne Zaremba

Humanism by Cheyenne Zaremba

Amagatsu Dolls by Carrie Zhang

The Ocean by Carrie Zhang

Father's Arrival by Lisa Zou

The Road Taken by Lisa Zou

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