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Amagatsu Dolls

carrie zhang

Don’t you dare touch

the faces that run down
like watered, unboiled
pasta, the little thin pastries
of men and women.

they are tongues of sweetness
that might have saved me
at the gates of heaven long ago, 

So important they are in their colors
of carrot orange, 
pearly mocha, and innocuous green tea
talking in simple joy and day-to-day sucrose
about lovable things
in this café on a borderline-foreign planet. 

In fact,
they are the guardians of the galaxy, 

Because they wear an armor of optimism
Crusted in a desire to please
And wielding a harmless, soft weapon of sugar.

Carrie Zhang is fourteen years old and a ninth grade student at Watchung Hills Regional High School. She has received a silver medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has been published in The Noisy Island and Assonance. She enjoys painting, playing violin, and discovering old music. She also likes to make cards, and will make you one for your birthday.

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