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A Pledge of Allegiance

Rebecca Kalik

It is, perhaps, the Atlantic Ocean
that fills the crevices between the flag’s
most poignant shape;
the stars themselves,
the weight of an ocean

packed with enough heavy blue,
to provoke the classroom flag to wilt.

 I remember the strict chairs that held
growing rigid bodies in upright
and attentive position,
before the young rose,
one hand already masked their hearts
but the flag demands the pledge of all eyes.

All eyes but one
yielded allegiance to the flag
and to the Republic of the United States of America.
Obfuscation married panic,
he stuttered from the desk next to mine,
onto his feet, not without notice.
His body made the soldierly mimic
of the others, a salute of his right hand
to his rapid heart,

they ripped it out of his fast chest,
they laughed.

 And so did I.
Forgetting my own tan skin,
my native tongue,
I laughed. 

As a writer from New Jersey, Rebecca Kalik spends her time writing works of flash fiction and poetry. She is a softmore more in high school.

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